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boarding school consulting

Wondering about the boarding school experience? Here are five reasons why it may be right for your student: Why consider a boarding school?

Comprehensive boarding school consulting services include the following:



  • Review and evaluate academic performance to date, highlighting areas of success as well as offering suggestions and creating a “plan of attack” for (potential) areas in need of support 

  • Determine specific objectives for a good school fit:

    • Programmatic: academic, co-extracurricular (athletic, artistic, community service, etc.), and social 

    • Financial, size, location, culture, single-sex vs co-ed, etc.

  • Evaluation of and preparation for the SSAT (UL & LL), ISEE, or ERB test scores in the admissions process

  • In 8th grade, possibly utilize the Strong Interest Inventory® for interest exploration. 



  • Research potential boarding schools based on detailed and individualized intake process with student and family

  • Develop, monitor, and continually revise (if necessary) list of boarding schools

  • Ensure all school suggestions meet as many objectives as possible and practical

  • Determine affordability, financial (need-based) aid, and merit-based aid strategies



  • Develop application timeline where all materials are received by the individual schools in advance of published deadlines

  • Utilize shared Google documents/spreadsheets to track activity, progress, deadlines, and requirements

  • Provide individual consultation on Letters of Recommendation (how many, by when, and from whom) and “brag sheets” to assist those letter writers

  • Provide Standard Application Online (SAO) guidance and support (this is the equivalent of the "CommonApp" for boarding schools)

  • Provide concrete advice for getting accurate and authentic information from each school during your on-campus visit and tour

  • Conduct role-play sessions to help the student prepare for their interview - helping to develop confidence and deliver a lasting impact and positive impression 

  • Assist with clarity, objectivity, and candor of Parent Statement 



  • Ensure student understands the purpose and potential impact of the Personal Essay

  • Brainstorm Personal Essay ideas that reflect student’s character, values, challenges, significant accomplishments, experiences, uniqueness, and writing ability

  • Determine the best structure (narrative, montage, etc.) for presenting student’s Personal Essay

  • Ensure a high impact and authentic voice shines through



  • Evaluate offers of admission/financial aid/merit aid with care and sensitivity, with a particular focus on the student’s and family’s individual goals


The fee for the comprehensive boarding school consulting package starts at $5,000. 

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