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"My twin high school seniors recently completed their college selections.  They both are going to be attending top schools that are a perfect fit for each of them, this after spending a great amount of time over nearly a year with Amy’s college admissions consulting engagement.  I could not have been more pleased with the time, guidance, and expertise Amy brought to what is a more time consuming and complex process than I experienced thirty years ago.  Far more important and reflective of Amy’s value was both of my 17 year olds coming to me on separate occasions to tell me what a savior this program was and how it made the whole process so much better.  Both kids described how they saw many friends struggling to choose the right schools to apply to and then really struggle with various essay/application requirements.  I am so thankful to have met Amy and highly recommend her services to all parents with high school students looking to take this next step into college."

     ~Rob M., parent of Bryant University and Virginia Tech Class of 2026

"Ms.Trinnaman was a pivotal part of my college application and financial aid process.  As a low-income, first-generation, minority student I had no idea what FAFSA was, what the CommonApp was... nothing. With every question I had about the college process, Ms.Trinnaman had an answer. She helped me waive my application fees, wrote a recommendation letter for me; but most importantly, she believed in me."

     ~Jenaea D., Boston College Class of 2022

"Ms. Trinnaman was such a vital part of my college selection process. Coming from a first generation household, none of my family knew what the college process was like and how to go about—I was essentially on my own. I’d find myself talking to Ms. Trinnaman over what steps I should be taking and what applications I should look out for in the upcoming months. She explained to me how the FAFSA worked and what an EFC was, told me about the CSS profile (which I would have no idea about if she didn’t mention it), she would even take time to look up the schools I was interested in and inform me of the location and the school size and so forth. Without her, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. She is personable, she’s very diligent with any task that you give her, and she always puts other people before herself."

     ~ Jenna P., George Mason University Class of 2022

"I cannot thank Amy enough for her hard work, dedication, compassion, patience and kindness for assisting my daughter with the process of applying for colleges and for financial aid."

     ~ Kathy R., parent of future educator Erin R., Keene State College Class of 2022

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