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As a college and boarding school admissions consultant, my philosophy is centered around empowering students to navigate the complex and competitive landscape of admissions while celebrating their unique strengths, interests, and accomplishments. I love helping students plan for an educational future that will unlock their full potential. My role is to guide them on their journey towards educational success, ensuring that they have the best opportunities to thrive both academically and personally.


To keep stress levels down in the college admissions process, I employ a holistic and one-on-one, student-centered approach. I understand that the college admissions process can be overwhelming, with numerous components, deadlines, and extensive considerations amid high expectations. However, I firmly believe that stress should never hinder a student's growth or diminish their joy during this critical phase of their lives.

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Why Hire an independent educational consultant (IEC)?


  • I provide skilled and experienced guidance for one of the biggest - and most expensive - decisions a family makes. 

  • The average number of students assigned to a school counselor is 458; my practice is very small, so my focus and attention are on providing a personalized approach to the admissions process.

  • I place great emphasis on professional training: touring dozens of colleges each year, and attending year-round conferences, trainings, symposia, and workshops that feature timely trends in admissions practices, learning theory, and adolescent behavior.

10 Important Ways IECA Members Are Unlike Other Independent Educational Consultants

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